Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SHITSTORM / RADIATION split available soon!!

After yet another long wait between releases, we'll finally have a new split 7" available this year via RSR. Us and Radiation recorded our sides for this split years ago now (2, maybe 3 years), so we're happy that this is finally comin' out. It's the best Shitstorm stuff to date, and Radiation is sick as fuck.

In 2016, Shitstorm will record for the following releases:
- split ep w/ D.O.C.
- split ep w/ Suppression
- split ep w/ Bastard Noise
- collab ep w/ Jeff Carey


We're also playing at Bad Ass Weekend in Houston with a bunch of killer bands in February 2016. There will be a few shows around the fest as well.

More soon.


  1. New tunes are rad, guys. We need to do some shit around Florida soon. We should party.

  2. Was this recorded with Radiation's first vocalist or someone else??